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Top class fighters from all over the world train with our instructors

Richard Smith

Richard is the founder of the club and runs the Thai Boxing Classes. With the help of the other Senior Students at the Club Richard has overall responsibility for teaching the Beginners, Intermediates and Children as well as coaching and preparing the fighters.

Top Class Fighters from all over the world have travelled to Leeds to train with Richard. He has won various coaching awards and his students hold 26 World Title belts between them. Bad Company fighters are some of the best known coming out of the UK at the moment and Richard has trained fighters to take on a who’s who of international Muay Thai including Sanchai, Buakaw, Aekpracha, Anuwat Keawsamrit, Saiyok, Saggetdau, Andre Kulebin, Sittichai and more.

As well as teaching classes and private sessions Richard travels to other gyms regularly to teach seminars.

Titles and achievements

  • 4x British, Commonwealth and European Champion
  • ITBF British Champion – Supermiddleweight
  • ITBF British Champion Middleweight
  • WKA British Champion – Supermiddleweight
  • WKA Commonwealth Champion – Middleweight
  • WAKO pro European Champion – Middleweight


  • 2013 Leeds Sports Federation Club of the Year
  • Thai Fighter UK Club of the Year 2015, 2016 and 2018
  • 2007/08 Leeds Sports Federation Coach of the Year runner up
  • 2006/07 Leeds Sports Federation Coach of the Year winner

Over the years Richard has Trained the following :

  • Lisa Houghton Smith 2x World Champion
  • Liam Harrison 8x World Champion
  • Jordan Watson 2x World Champion
  • Andy Howson 5x World Champion
  • Richard Cadden 2x World Champion
  • James France World champion
  • Imran Khan 2x World Champion
  • Luke Turner World champion
  • Mateusz Deucmal World Champion, UK ranked no 1 and World Ranked no 5
  • Joe Craven UK ranked no1 and World Ranke no 4
  • and also some of the best known fighters in the UK.

Lisa Houghton-Smith

Lisa is a qualified Fitness instructor and also a P.E Teacher, so she has the qualifications as well as the experience and personality to add her own style to the gym.

She has fought all over the world including the USA, Thailand and all over Europe in both Muay Thai and women’s boxing and holds 2 world titles having fought at the very top level.

She helps coach our junior fight team, fighters, beginners and intermediate classes and is available for private lessons.

Titles and achievements

  • British, European and 2x World Champion
  • WKA 48 Kg Thai Boxing Title
  • SIMTA 50 Kg Thai Boxing Title
  • WAKO pro European Champion – Thai Boxing 49 kg
  • ISKA World Champion – Thai Boxing 49kg


  • BBC Look North Sportswoman of the Year 2001

Liam Harrison

Liam “The Hitman” Harrison – Liam is a very popular fighter who fights with great heart and possesses knockout power.

Liam has fought some of the world’s best having faced the likes of Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Nampon PK Sterio, Sarmsamut, Sagetdao, Phetassin and Dzhabar Askerov, Singdam and Pakorn. He is eight time world champion in both kickboxing and Muay Thai, which includes holding the prestigious W.M.C., WBO and Yokkao belts.

Liam has over 10 years coaching experience.

You can find out more about Liam Harrison on his dedicated Wikipedia page.

Titles and achievements

  • 8x World Champion
  • Yokkao World Champion
  • Kombat League World Champion
  • ISKA World Champion
  • 2011 WBC Muaythai (147 lbs) International champion 2007-09
  • W.M.C. Muaythai lightweight world champion -61.5 kg 2006-07
  • W.P.M.F. Muaythai world champion -63.5 kg2006
  • Patong Stadium Muaythai super welterweight champion -68 kg2005
  • S.I.M.T.A. Muaythai lightweight European champion -61.5 kg2004
  • W.A.K.O. Pro low-kick kickboxing world champion -62 kg


  • 2007/08 Leeds Sports Federation Sportsman of the Year winner
  • 2007 Muay Siam Magazine Foreign Fighter of the Year winner
  • 2006/07 Leeds Sports Federation Sportsman of the Year winner
  • 2004/05 Leeds Sports Federation Sportsman of the Year runner up

James France

James is well known as one of the most talented fighters to come out of the UK for a while and has fought and beaten some top names including Chris Ngimbi from Holland and Tim Thomas and Thomas McCormick from the UK.

  • ISKA European Champion
  • WRSA World Champion

James helps out with coaching classes and also teaches private lessons at the gym.

Andy Howson

5x World Champion

One of the most exciting fighters of the last decade in the UK having fought all over the world.

Andy ran his own gym Science of Eight until returning to Bad Company recently to help with coaching our fighters, junior fight team and teach our Kickstart Beginners course. He is also available for private lessons.

Charlotte Webster

Charlotte teaches our Thursday class (6.15-7.30) and is a qualified sports massage therapist. She fought at top level domestically, UK.

Joe Craven

One of the best prospect in the UK building up a great reputation taking on all comers and working his way to the top. Joe teaches our children’s classes and is available for Private lessons.

He is UK ranked No1, WBC World Ranked no4.