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Small consistent steps……..

So nearly a month into the New Year and you may have started with wishes and resolutions.

‘This year I’ll get fitter/take up a new challenge/lose weight/sculpt my body into the next Buakow/walk up the stairs without running out of puff” – whatever your wishes and intentions, you can’t achieve them without a plan… and a plan you can enjoy getting stuck into.

I keep seeing things on Facebook about people trying juice diets and other dramatic things to try a short cut to their goals –  ‘I’m so serious about this losing weight business that I’ve tried beetroot and broccoli juice for breakfast but it was disgusting….’ or ‘I’m training 25 hours a day and eating nothing but organic spinach and goji berries’.

Whatever resolutions you made, 3 weeks have passed. If  you started by eating nothing but broccoli and training 6 hours a day the chances are you haven’t stuck at it and you haven’t changed anything! Chances are you’ve made yourself ill. If you are still waiting to start 3 weeks have gone… there’s never a better time than now.

Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness

Consistency is the key. If you want you improve at Muay Thai get to the gym regularly and consistently. If you’re a fighter don’t wait till you’ve got a fight coming up to start training and dieting, or all you’ll be doing is trying to lose weight for the fight. Put in the work between fights to improve technique, speed balance balance and experience. Regular steady training is better than inconsistently beasting yourself!

It’s  the same with diet. If your aim is to lose weight you can drop a few pounds of fluid and muscle by starving yourself to make weight but as soon soon as you stop it will come back on on again (plus a bit probably).

If you aim to lose fat and increase muscle it will be be slower but more permanent change that can ONLY be made through CONSISTENT exercise and nutrition.

If you keep going you’ll get there, consistency is the key to success

A few tips:

  • Cut down on on sugar &  you’ll feel better for it, have have a stronger immune system, get sick less less so will be able to train more consistently. Sugar suppresses the immune system. If your eating or drinking stuff containing sugar every few hours your immune system is NEVER working working at full efficiency.
  • Drink more water. Stop drinking fizzy drinks and even juice and stick to water. If you want to get more fruit in your diet eat the fruit don’t drink the juice . water will flush your system and  keep your cells hydrated and working efficiently.
  • Eat more veg. Every meal should include 1 or 2 portions of veg. This would include salad as well. Lunch and evening meal should include some veg and or salad.
  • Eat fruit at breakfast – put frozen fruit on porridge, eat a banana or an apple with high fibre low sugar cereal such as Weetabix (there aren’t many other cereals I’d suggest to be honest), or have have a high protein breakfast like eggs. If you haven’t got time for a decent breakfast get up earlier!
  • Cut down on bread – try soup or a salad for lunch you you would  be surprised how much better you feel for it.
  • Don’t be scared of being hungry sometimes it’s not the the end of the world!

Most people know what they need to do to get in shape they just want a short cut cuts they have to  it! There isn’t one!

Steady consistent lifestyle changes are healthier than binging on food,  binging on fitness or binging on a diet. It’s all binging!

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