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The hardest part of Muay Thai is walking into the gym for the first time…

Bad Company - 01

Who wouldn’t be intimidated if they saw one of these faces when they walked into the gym!

One of the most inspiring things I remember over that past 5 years was a guy walking into our gym at 140kg one day. He could hardly make it up the stairs.

If I’d had to bet I would have bet anything he wouldn’t stick at it. But He did and 5 years later he’s still coming and at one point he was down to a much healthier 90kg. He is now able to train and spar with anyone on the gym and has even competed a couple if times.

It must have been intimidating for him to walk into our gym with its reputation for producing big name fighters with the the sounds of the pads getting kicked and loads of strangers, but one of the things I hope he found when he plucked up the courage to walk in was that he was treated with respect, friendship and encouragement.

Many people are put off starting something new because they are worried about feeling out of place, out of their comfort zone or feeling silly. 99 times out of 100 though, once they do start they find it was nowhere near as bad as they thought.

If you pick the right gym it will be friendly and welcoming and there will always be new starters in the same boat. When you start training you will find that no one is looking you, they are all getting on with their own training.

I don’t think anyone has ever walked into our gym for the first time without feeling at least least a little self conscious, which is perfectly understandable but I hope that once they’ve done it they will be glad they did! Even the current crop of fighters and champions had to walk in for the first time!

Ask Liam Harrison or Andy Howson how they felt!