We had a great day at East End Park club with some top interclub/no decision bouts and some brilliant fights.

The main event was Joe Craven (Bad Company) v James Setchell (Bad Company). Joe won on points and looked great.

Thanks to everyone that supported – all the fighters and friends/family that came to support and of course to all the gyms that brought fighters.

Thanks also to all the Bad Company Team that helped out,

Bad Company fighters were Finlay Smith, Fergus Smith, Mark Nelson, Thomas Turner Alisha Moore, Kyle Gott and Ellie Ali as well as fighters from Mike Tobins Gym, Golden Team, Kiatponthip, Jai Muay Thai, GFC, Rotherham, Black Widow and more.

Here is the full line-up:

Zak Ovington (Erawan) 9yrs 26kg 3inter V Alfie (Tobins) 8yrs 24kg 1 inter 3×1.5
Fergus Smith (Bad Company) 7yrs 19kg 8 inter V Elliot (Kiatponthip) 7yrs 22kg 3×1.5
Mason Nelson (Bad Company) 7yrs 22kg 2 inter V Jessie McGinty (GFC) 6yrs 24kg 4 inter 3×1.5
Dylan Oniell (GFC) 7yrs 27kg 2 inter V Shay (Tobins) 8yrs 29kg 0f 3×1.5
Kyle Gott (Bad Company) 8yrs 24kg 3 inter V Harlum (Tobins) 7yrs 24kg 0f 3×1.5
Fergus Smith (Bad Company) 7yrs 19kg 8 inter V Harley Fewster (Erawan) 6yrs 18 kg 2inter 3×1.5
Luke (Golden Team) 9yrs 28kg 2 inter V Callum Ovington (Erawan) 9yrs 30kg 3×1.5
Ellie (Bad Company) 9yrs 29kg 3 inter V Ellie Murphy (Rotherham) 10yrs 27kg 12 inter 3×1.5
Robbie Ryan (Erawan) 9yrs 32kg 2 inter V David (Tobins) 8yrs 32kg 1 inter 3×1.5
Lewis Moss (Chokdee) 13yrs 33kg 5 inter V Lewis Kelly (Jai) 11yrs 34kg 6 inter 3×1.5
George (Golden Team) 11yrs 34kg 4 inter V James Hughes (Erawan) 10yrs 36kg 3F 6 Inter 3×1.5

Saul Gunner (JC’s Gym) 8yrs 24kg 3F V Carl (Kiatponthip) 7yrs 26kg 5×1
Finlay Smith (Bad Company) 10yrs 28kg 1F 14 inter V Lewis Bentley (GFC) 9yrs 28kg 2f 12 inter 5×1
Deacon Grimshaw (JC’s Gym) 9yrs 27kg 6f V Bad (Kiatponthip) 7yrs 27kg 5×1
Jacob (Art of 8) 10yrs 31kg 3 inter V Luke DiClemente (Golden Team) 10 yrs 30kg 1f 5×1
Cory greenwood (Chokdee) 11yrs 33kg 5 inter V Emile James (Jai) 11yrs 33kg 4 inter 5×1
Ethan Hickling (Rotherham) 8yrs 32kg 1 inter V Mark Nelson (Bad Company) 8yrs 34kg 14 inter 5×1
Kiara McDermott (Black Widow) 7yrs 26kg 1f V Aaliyah (Kiatponthip) 6yrs 29kg 5×1

Isa (Katphontip) 8 yrs 30kg V Lewis George (GFC) 8yrs 30kg 2F 16inter 3×1.5
Lea (Tobins) 13yrs 40kg 1 inter V Kelsey Wooton (Rotherham) 9yrs 55kg 3×1.5
Tamas (Black Widow) 11yrs 44kg 0f V Stevie (Golden Team) 10yrs 48kg 3×1.5
Tumaini Bailey (Black Widow) 11yrs 45kg V Adam Ward (Chok Dee) 10yrs 39kg 3 inter 3×1.5
Saul Webster (Bad Company) 15yrs 53kg 2 inter V Yoyo (Kiatponthip) 15yrs 50kg 3×1.5
John Golden Team 12 46 0 V Luis Oniel GFC 11 45 2 inter 3×1.5
Sam (Black Widow) 13yrs 47kg 0f V Connor (Kiatponthip) 10yrs 49kg 3×1.5
Sajmon Chalagczak (Black Widow) 12yrs 49kg 0f V Jazz (Tobins) 11yrs 50kg 1 inter 3×1.5
Yoyo (Kiatponthip) 15yrs 50kg V Sam Riley (Rotherham) 13yrs 51kg 1 inter 3×1.5
Saul Webster (Bad Company) 15yrs 53kg 2 inter V Dominic Peplinski (Black Widow) 13yrs 62kg 0f 5×1.5

Eryn Fletcher (JC’s Gym) 10yrs 35kg 10F V Anya Carter (Erawan) 9yrs 38kg 5F 8 inter 5×1
Jake Warren (GFC) 12yrs 40kg 1F 14 inter V Ewan Hickling (Rotherham) 12yrs 42kg 14 inter 5×1
Jacob (Tobins) 11yrs 45kg 6 f V Jack Dolman (JC’s Gym) 11yrs 45kg 4f exp inter 5×1
Thomas Turner (Bad Company) 16yrs 54kg 0 V Nathan Laico (Art of 8) 16yrs 55kg 5×1
Joe Craven (Bad Company) 16yrs 67kg exp V James Setchell (Erawan) 16yrs 66kg exp 5X1.5