Another Amazing Year – very busy and many fights at the top level….

Our record for the year is 62 Fights, 45 wins, 16 loss and 1 Draw.

We’ve really stepped up in class again this year and taken on some of the toughest fights out there.
Includuing 7 World Title fights and fights in Japan, USA, Australia, Thailand, Italy and France.

Massive names on our CV This year like Saiyok, Andre Kulebin, Sanchai, Albert Chey, Aekpracha, Alexis Rufus, Damian Trainor, Nobuchika Terado, Thomas McCormick and more

Kate Stables – fought in Australia in a short nnotice fight v Kate Heuston , won the ISKA English title by stopping Sophia Christoludu and lost narrowly to UK no1 Alexis Rufus. Already some big things planned for her in 2013!

James France – had some great wins in 2012 including beating Gordon Smith from Scotland and winning the WRSA World title in a great win over Thomas McCormick in Sheffield. Big scalp.

Imran Khan – 2 great wins for him this year as he adapts more to the Bad Company style. He finished the year with a big win over Irish star and World Champion Josh Palmer. Another big scalp.

Davy Mac – Had an incredible 2012 with wins in France making his name internationally – he won the ISKA World Title in Marseille in February and beat one of the biggest Franch names Albert Chey in Paris in April. He took the second half off 2012 due to the birth of his son Alfie Mac.

Bailey Roberts – Keeps getting better and better and just won the UKMF British title as he moves up into the adult divison. Expect another Bad Company Star to emerge next year!

Kenzie Roberts – Had a quiet 2nd half of the year due to injuries but won the Celtic Challenge belt earlier in the year and had a great win at Leeds Town Hall in April. He is looking to make his name in 2013.

Luke Turner – Gets better and more dangerous all the time. Had an explosive stoppage win over tough Scot Mikey Wiseman, lost closely to UK No1 Greg Wooton and beat Portuguese star Carlos Correra. 2013 will see him make his name on the international stage.

Andy Howson – Andy has had a very busy year – highlights include a win over Swedish figher Viet Hoang, a massive win over Damian Trainor and fights in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The Lord of War goes from strength to strength.

Jordan Watson – Continues to establish his name at the very top level.  Beat Ilya but lost to no other than Saiyok in the Princes Cup tournament in Bangkok to get second place, had a great KO win on Thai Fight Extreme v Hamed Hassan, and won on his Debut for Glory in a great performance v Mustapha Haida in Rome. Just lost in one of the most exciting fights of the year to the biggest name in Muay Thai at the moment Aekpracha. Next year sees Jordan hoping to make his name for Glory and fights already booked for Yokkao Expreme and Glory.
Not many fighters can say they’ve fought Saiyok AND Aekpracha in one year!

Liam Harrison – Another outstanding year with a massive KO win over one of the pound for pound best outside Thailand 12x World Champion Andre Kulebin, a stoppage win over Angelo Campoli from Italy and a 3rd fight with the legendary Sanchai in Macau which he lost but put in a great performace. Liam gets better every month and also makes his Glory Debut in March, with other fights already booked including Urban Boxing in Marseille and Rumble at the Reebok in April.

Ones to watch for 2013:

Already mentioned – Bailey Roberts 55kg gets stronger and stronger and is now ready to progress to adults fights. His Bother Kenzie Roberts 42kg is also set to shine next year.

Luke Imeson 67kg B Class has now returned after some time out due to injury and is looking set for a big year making a name for himself having already had a stoppage win on Xtreme Combat.

Luke Turner 62-64kg A class is looking sharper and sharper and continues to improve. A rematch with Wooton would be good but in the meantime he will fight in February v a Dutch opponent and other international fights are on the horizon too.

Kate Stables 52-54kg A class will also establish herself at the top next year with big fights already in the pipeline – watch this space.

John Dennis 65kg A class is now back in the gym and hungry to get back to top level fighting after injury forced him out for 2 years.

Eddie Long 78kg B class is also improving and will make more of a name for himself in 2013.

Watch this space for several strong novices coming through too!