Well what a day. Lisa & I are so proud of the gym and fighters. The whole team/family was down to help & support – Liam Harrison, Charlotte Webster, James France, Luke Turner & Alexis Walker, Davy Mac, Kat Stables, Richard Cadden, Jordan Watson and all the team.

Our fighters all performed out of their skins and looked superb. Great wins & first fights for Darren Fletcher and Cherie Standen. Naomi Ridley took on an international opponent with13 fights (in only her 2nd fight) and looked like a world champ to won on points and Luke Imeson was awesome. Such a close exciting fight. He wasn’t intimidated by a guy who has fought at the very top level with well over 100 fights & looked every bit the same class, just a very close loss.

Thanks & well done to everyone who supported, all the other gyms some of who I world with for the first time & some who we’ve known for years Full Results:

Naomi Ridley (Bad Company) v Andressa Omitti (Portugal) Naomi won points.

Darren Fletcher (Bad Company) v Lee Stewart (Calder)

Darren win KO r4 Bartek Ludowski (Mike Tobins Gym) v Chris Tyre (POS fight team) Bartek won TKO r3 (I think)

Masoud (Mike Tobins Gym) v Ste Wright (Fire Cobra) Draw

Cherie Standen (Bad Company) v Deborah Tranter (Majestic Gym) Cherie win by KO r4

Daniel Haywood (Pindis) Lost pts v Kristian Simm (Frankies Gym)

Danny Harrison-Little won pts (Legions Gym) v Mohammed Javaid (Calder Thai)

Dan Edwards (K-Star) won ko r1) v Diogo Calado (Portugal)

Sam Omomogbe (Superpetch) won pts v Bruno Almeida (Portugal)

Dale Hughes (Frankies Gym) lost pts v Carlos Correia (Portugal)

Luke Imeson (Bad Company) lost pts v Super Kim (Thailand)