townhall2bFeaturing some of the best from Bad Company, Mike Tobins Gym and Golden Team Leeds. A busy night at Leeds Town Hall with some great fights.
Results as follows:
 Greg Macintyre (Bad Company) 78kg v Gaz Ashby (Golden Team) 79kg 5 x 1.5 – Greg Macintyre points
Amanda Stephenson (Mike Tobins) 60kg v Leanne Sweeting (Kiatphontip) 60kg 5 x 1.5 – Leanne Sweeting points.
Ste Wain (Golden Team) 65kg v Mark Perrins (Pindis) 66kg 5 x 1.5 – Ste Wain Points
Norbu (Bad Compan)y 71kg v Matthew Stavely (Mike Tobins) 71kg 5 x 1.5 – Norbu points
Joe Newton (Impact Thai Boxing) 81.5kg v Michael McDonagh (Golden Team) 81.5kg 5 x 1.5 –Michael McDonagh points
Kenzie Roberts (Bad Company) 35kg v Luke Riley (Tmas) 35kg 5 x 1.5 – Kenzie Roberts points
Craig Fullard (Mike Tobins) 63kg v Danny Aston-Bowen (Liverpool) 64kg 5 x 2 – Danny Ashton Bowen points
Louis Lee-Scott (Golden Team) 39kg v Isaac (Jonny T’s) 39kg 5 x 1.5 – Isaac points
Bailey Roberts (Bad Company) 55kg v Tyler Liptrott (Walkden) 57kg 5 x 1.5 – Tyler Liptrott points.
Scott Thorpe (Mike Tobin)s 70kg v Jason Mitchell (Chao Phraya) 70kg 5 x 1.5 – Jason Mitchell points
Isaak James (Jai Muay) Thai 69kg v Luke Wakefield (Golden Team) 69kg 5 x 2 Isaac James points
James Holden (Mike Tobins) 57kg v Cathal McDermott (Shinkick) 57kg 5 x 2 – James Holden points
Eddy Long (Bad Company) 78kg 5 v Johnny Miller (Golden Team) 78kg 5 x 2 – Eddy Long points
Phil Burke (Mike Tobin)s 78kg v Dan Edwards (K-Star) 78kg 5 x 3 – Dan Edwards points
Luke Turner (Bad Company) 63.5kg v Mikey Wiseman (Griphouse) 63.5kg 5 x 3 – Luke Turner TKO round 4.
DVD will be available soon.