Jordan Watson just returned from Rome (3rd November 2012) where he put in a great performance to beat Mustapha Haida on one of the biggest events ever staged in our sport…..

Jordan will now fight on the next Glory event in London on 16th February 2013.

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$300’k Glory Kickboxing GP

GLORY World Series – $300’K Championship Kickboxing Tournament!

Final 8, Championship Kickboxing Grandprix Tournament on November 3rd 2012 featuring…

1. Tim Thomas
2. Giorgio Petrosyan
3. Sato
4. Robin van Roosmalen
5. Shemsi Beqiri
6. Ky Hollenbeck
7. Davit Kiria
8. Sanny Dahlbeck

The event took place in Rome, at the PalaLottomatico, a venue that seats up to 11’200 spectators.

Giorgio Petrosyan was the main attraction for Italian fans. Petrosyan has seen his stardom in Italy rise over the past few years thanks to his manager Carlo di Blasi,

Full press release from

GLORY World Series Hits Rome, Italy with
‘Final 8’ Championship Kickboxing Tournament on Nov. 3, 2012
Superstars Giorgio Petrosyan, Albert Kraus, Robin van Roosmalen, Shemsi Beqiri, Ky Hollenbeck, Tim Thomas, Davit Kiria and Sanny Dahlbeck Go To War In One-Night, Single-Elimination mega-event $300,000 Grand Prize At Stake

ROME, Italy (July 13, 2012) – The eight remaining contenders in the GLORY World Series single-elimination tournament will travel from the four corners of the earth to battle it out on NOV 3 2012 at the historical PalaLottomatica venue, where Muhammad Ali won his Olympic gold medal.

The greatest prize in the sport of kickboxing will be on the line.
The overall winner of the GLORY World Series Final 8 will have fought three times that night and earned a grand prize of $300,000 before a capacity crowd. It will test his skill, strength and fitness. It will require him to dig into the deepest parts of his spirit to endure pain, fear and exhaustion.

“GLORY KICKBOXING is a combination of both Art and War, the pinnacle of stand-up fighting, and Rome with its history and legendary martial tradition is the perfect fit for our Final 8 tournament,” said Marcus Luer, Managing Director of GLORY Sports International.

“Rome provides a beautiful and appropriate backdrop. The battles that took place in the Coliseum have been immortalized in countless movies but I can assure you the bouts that will take place on November 3 will rival anything you have seen on film or in the ring. We are expecting an Epic.”

Italy is represented in the Final 8 by the inimitable Giorgio Petrosyan, nicknamed ‘The Doctor’ for his absolutely surgical precision in the ring.

Albert Kraus and Robin van Roosmalen represent the kickboxing powerhouses of the Netherlands,

Shemsi Beqiri travels down from the mountains of Switzerland to stake his claim.

From America comes the hard-hitting Ky Hollenbeck, on a mission to prove that the USA can produce world-class kickboxers,
From England comes the tricky Tim Thomas.

From the steppes of Asia, Davit Kiria

From Sweden, the young prospect Sanny Dahlbeck.