The following fighters are now available. We are looking forward to supporting as many shows as possible in 2014.

As well as the fighters listed below we have many newcomers, novices and junior fighters available at different weights.

Please contact Richard Smith for further information.





Cherie Standen 49kg B Class 2 Fights
Emma Slater 50kg C Class 1 Fight
Nicola Kaye 52kg B Class 6 Fights
Kate Stables 52kg A Class 12 Fights British Champion
Naomi Ridley 68kg C Class 2 Fights
Liam Harrison 64-67kg A Class 94 fights 4x World Champion
Jordan Watson 70kg A Class 40 fights 2x World Champion
Luke Imeson 67kg A Class 13 Fights
Imran Khan 67kg A Class 35 Fights 2x World Champion
John Dennis 64kg A Class 24 Fights
Bailey Roberts 62kg B class 13 Fights 16 yrs
Tamas Csillag 72kg B class 12 Fights
Kenzie Roberts 47kg C Class 12 Fights 15yrs
Darren Fletcher 67kg C Class 2 Fights