Andy Howson (Bad Company) fought Damian Trainor (K-Star) for the 4th time on 24 June! Their previous 3 fights have been amongst the most exciting in the UK over the past decade! This was no exception – a great fight with Andy domination and winning a great points victory.

K-Star Promotions Ltd are very proud to anounce the biggest domestic fight of the year!
Trainor V Howson 4…
This massive event take place on Sunday 24th June 2012 at the Tower Ballroom, Edgbaston, Birmingham.
The first 3 fights have all been outstanding. Non stop action.
The Tower Ballroom is probably the best venue of its size in the country.
K-Star have been running Thai Boxing shows there for over 16 yrs and there is always an electric atmosphere.
Tickets are just £30 and will go on sale in a few weeks. This show will be a sell out, so get them quick.

1 Andy Howson V Damien Trainor
Bad Company                      K-Star

2 Reece Crooke V Adrian maguire
Evolution                         K-Star

3 Bart Zyla V Jason Dutton
Ely Warlords I                 mpact

4 Cheya Saleem V Luke Davies
Fearless                             K-Star

5 Steve Johns V Dan Bowie
Stoke                           Minatours

6 Scott Court V David Barratt
Thaitans                         Impact

7 Afzal Khan V Jym Thomas
Fearless                      Fight Club

8 Paul McMahon V Vlad Papalis
Dan Costello                   Minatours

9 Gurpreet Singh V Bart Tweed
Dan Costello                 BST Chris Podesta

10, Mark Beale V Barry Mountfort
Just Muay Thai                 K-Star

11, Charles Sikwa V Gareth Richards
Eagles                                    K-Star.