As well as our regular Junior Thai Boxing classes we have Junior MMA and Grappling classes at Bad Company.
These are taken by Dawid Zań Caged Fighters British Lightweight Champion & 2 Gold Medals in the WFMC World Championships.
Dawid already teaches kids classes at AVT gym and has many years of experience.. For more information check out David’s Facebook page Dawid Hellboy Zan.
Classes will be £5 each and will run alongside our regular Muay Thai junior classes. On Saturday morning we will have Muay Thai then by Joe Craven 10.30-11.15 and Grappling with Dawid straight after at 11.15. One class £5, both classes £7.

Now that we’ve introduced junior MMA and Grappling classes, this is our Children’s Training Timetable as of 26th January:
Monday         6.00-7.00   Thai Boxing
Wednesday   5.30-6.15     Thai Boxing
                         6.15-7.30     MMA
Friday             6.15-7.30     Junior Fighters
Saturday        10.30-11.15  Thai Boxing
                         11.15-12.00  Grappling/MMA.