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Interview with Don Heatrick at the Yokkao Show

Don Heatrick interviewed Richard at th recent Yokkao show about fighter training, fight preparation, diet and more…..


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Bad Company are sponsored by Yokkao.

Bad Company and Yokkao have officially agreed a sponsorship deal and Yokkao equip the gym.

Bad Company is the Official Yokkao Training Centre in the UK. We stock Yokkao equipment for sale at the gym.

This is great news for the gym. Thanks to Jack Thaiboxingstore and Stefania Muay Thai Combat-com for their help with setting this up.

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    The hardest part of Muay Thai is walking into the gym for the first time…

The hardest part of Muay Thai is walking into the gym for the first time…

(who wouldn’t be intimidated if they saw one of these faces when they walked into the gym!)
One of the most inspiring things I remember over that past 5 years was a guy walking into our gym at 140kg one day. He could hardly make it up the stairs.

If I’d had to bet I would have bet anything he wouldn’t stick at it. But He did and 5 years later he’s still coming and at one point he was down […]

Children’s classes at Bad Company

We have 3 weekly classes available for children from 6-12yrs, from beginners and new starters to fighters.

These are taught by senior instructor Richard Smith and Joe Craven who has come through the junior ranks himself and is now making a big name as a fighter.

Classes are aimed at learning through fun and teach self confidence, self discipline and self defence.

Muay Thai is a great way of developing children physically – strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination and stamina,  as well as […]

Small consistent steps……..

So nearly a month into the New Year and you may have started with wishes and resolutions.

‘This year I’ll get fitter/take up a new challenge/lose weight/sculpt my body into the next Buakow/walk up the stairs without running out of puff’ – whatever your wishes and intentions, you can’t achieve them without a plan… and a plan you can enjoy getting stuck into.


I keep seeing things on Facebook about people trying juice diets and other dramatic things to try a short cut […]

Beginners Training at Bad Company – £20 for 4 sessions.

Beginners are welcome to all our sessions but at the moment  we will are running special beginners groups every Wednesday. Come down to any Wednesday class 6.15-7.30 and sign up for 4 beginners Wednesday sessions for only £20..

Our beginners sessions will  teach the basics of footwork, attack and defence plus be a great opportunity to get fitter for the summer holidays.

Contact Richard at for more information.

Some clips of training at the gym with beginners, intermediates fighters and Juniors..

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